I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. 


I research contemporary political violence. I am specifically interested the relationships between violent actors' gender dynamics and legitimacy, public engagement, and accountability for human rights violations. I interrogate how women’s participation and victimization during conflict affects rebel and state behavior, reputation, and outcomes. I am relatedly interested in how actors mobilize visual messaging to frame political violence.


My book project, Gendering Rebel Legitimacy in Civil War, leverages original data on women's participation non-combat, combat, and leadership roles in over 300 rebel organizations, a novel database of militant-produced images, and analyses of conflict-related prosecutions and truth and reconciliation commission reports to explore how women's involvement in rebellion shapes perceptions of violence and conflict outcomes.

My research is published in International Studies QuarterlyEuropean Journal of International Security,  Security Dialogue, Journal of Human Rights, and Security Studies, as well as in Foreign Policy, the Washington Post, and other outlets.