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Information for students

Internships and career advice

As a resource for students, I compiled a hyper-linked list of 100+ organizations that work on international relations, security, and/or foreign policy and have paid or unpaid internship programs. This list is largely US-based and is a useful resource for identifying organizations for jobs or other opportunities.

Letters of recommendation and reference requests

To request a letter of recommendation for graduate school, law school, a professional position, or another opportunity, please email me with the following information: the position to which you are applying (if possible, with informational links), the reference deadline, instructions on how to submit the reference, your CV or resume, and any other relevant documentation (e.g., personal statement or cover letter). I generally will write for students who have earned high marks in two or more courses with me or are thesis advisees. Please submit requests at least three weeks before the reference due date.

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